Slovenia and My Expectations

cropped-slovenia.jpgSlovenia inherently holds thousands of opportunities for his visitors. For me, it holds the chance for me to visit Europe for the very first time. Because my traveling has been limited to just North and South America, it is difficult to imagine what the cultural and societal differences of this far away land. In the time our class has spent preparing and learning about the trip, several things caught my interest.

The portion of the trip that I’m most looking forward to is our visit to Lake Bled. Just a short trip north from Ljubljana, the lake has a picturesque view of the Alps as well as some forest area. On this portion of the trip, the group will be taking a tour of the Bled castle which sits upon the mountain top as well as embarking on a boat ride to the Bled island which lies in the middle of the lake.

I have also done a fair amount of research on Venice. The group will only be spending a portion of the day in Venice, but I think it will be a highlight of the trip nonetheless. We are taking a boat ride across the Adriatic from Slovenia to get over to Italy. Once we have arrived, we will spend the day going to St. Mark’s Cathedral and exploring the famous canals.

Coming in with very vague expectations, I know that Europe will absolutely exceed my prior anticipations. Our group is under good leadership and well prepared for a great learning experience. I will be posting throughout the trip to provide updates and other information about the trip.

–Jack Hane


Excitement for Slovenia

As I lay in my bed tonight I find myself staring at the ceiling struggling to fall asleep. It reminds me of Christmas Eve as a child when you were so excited to see what Santa had brought you the next morning that you would lie awake for hours. That is where my level of excitement for this trip to Slovenia lies.

The chance to travel the world with 22 of your friends many of whom you may even consider your best friends is an opportunity that only few get to have and I am beyond grateful for my opportunity to partake in it. Our knowledge of the Country that we have acquired over the past month has only heightened my excitement and I cannot wait to begin our travels tomorrow.

Everything that we have heard about Slovenia and the trip we are about to embark on has been good and I am ecstatic to experience everything for myself. It is crazy to think that in the next 48 hours I will be halfway across the world enjoying the best gelato I’ve ever had while probably fighting off some jet lag, but there’s no other way that I could ever want it. See you soon Slovenia.


75% packed but 100% excited

In less than 12 hours I will be on my way to the Kansas City International Airport to begin my journey to Slovenia. Accompanying me will be a group of people I’m glad I had the opportunity to get to know during my first year at KU and another group of people that I have just recently met. Throughout the next 10 days, I’m excited to learn more about everyone and the beautiful country we will be visiting.

I’ve always been awful about packing for trips, and this one is no exception. Usually, I overpack (which I probably still did), or I procrastinate and don’t pack until the last minute (which I definitely did do). Regardless, after a weekend full of allergies, unpacking from my first year at KU, three trips to Target, and plenty of phone calls to my roommate about what to bring, I would say I am almost ready.

Because it is already late and I will be getting little to no sleep while enduring a 7 hour time change, I better leave this here and try to get a little bit of rest before our big day of travel tomorrow.

–Bailey Thompson–