Slovenia and My Expectations

cropped-slovenia.jpgSlovenia inherently holds thousands of opportunities for his visitors. For me, it holds the chance for me to visit Europe for the very first time. Because my traveling has been limited to just North and South America, it is difficult to imagine what the cultural and societal differences of this far away land. In the time our class has spent preparing and learning about the trip, several things caught my interest.

The portion of the trip that I’m most looking forward to is our visit to Lake Bled. Just a short trip north from Ljubljana, the lake has a picturesque view of the Alps as well as some forest area. On this portion of the trip, the group will be taking a tour of the Bled castle which sits upon the mountain top as well as embarking on a boat ride to the Bled island which lies in the middle of the lake.

I have also done a fair amount of research on Venice. The group will only be spending a portion of the day in Venice, but I think it will be a highlight of the trip nonetheless. We are taking a boat ride across the Adriatic from Slovenia to get over to Italy. Once we have arrived, we will spend the day going to St. Mark’s Cathedral and exploring the famous canals.

Coming in with very vague expectations, I know that Europe will absolutely exceed my prior anticipations. Our group is under good leadership and well prepared for a great learning experience. I will be posting throughout the trip to provide updates and other information about the trip.

–Jack Hane