Excitement for Slovenia

As I lay in my bed tonight I find myself staring at the ceiling struggling to fall asleep. It reminds me of Christmas Eve as a child when you were so excited to see what Santa had brought you the next morning that you would lie awake for hours. That is where my level of excitement for this trip to Slovenia lies.

The chance to travel the world with 22 of your friends many of whom you may even consider your best friends is an opportunity that only few get to have and I am beyond grateful for my opportunity to partake in it. Our knowledge of the Country that we have acquired over the past month has only heightened my excitement and I cannot wait to begin our travels tomorrow.

Everything that we have heard about Slovenia and the trip we are about to embark on has been good and I am ecstatic to experience everything for myself. It is crazy to think that in the next 48 hours I will be halfway across the world enjoying the best gelato I’ve ever had while probably fighting off some jet lag, but there’s no other way that I could ever want it. See you soon Slovenia.