A Quirk in European Dining



On our trip, one of the most consistent things has been the food. It has been unbelievably delicious for very fair prices. We have eaten at wonderful restaurants and have enjoyed nearly all of our meals. Often times the interiors of the restaurants are beautifully decorated with artwork and detailed woodwork, while some establishments go for a more modern touch. You may be asking, “Whats wrong with this picture?” No one sits inside!

At almost every restaurant that we have visited, the patio is packed. But if you peak your head inside, you will find an empty restaurant. I think this can be explained for several reasons. The weather on this trip has been amazing and the locals are genuinely excited to enjoy the sunlight. In addition, there are just more things to look at while dining outside in Europe. Whether one is sitting along the Ljubljana river or enjoying a glimpse of the Slovenian Alps, everyone likes a dinner with a view.


Jet Lag – 1 Students – 0

As a student in college you learn some tips and tricks to pulling all nighters and how to survive the next day. With this in mind I thought that jet lag would not phase me as much as many people say that it does. That was until we arrived in Ljubljana after a full day of traveling. Although we struggled to find the energy and motivation to get our trip started, we were able to all rally together and really get a great experience out of our first day.

We started the day by meeting our tour guide for the week Petra, who was a sweet native of Ljubljana and is very welcoming and informational. Petra gave us a great tour of the city in which we were able to get our bearings and see some of the traditional architecture of the city.

We ended the day with a delicious dinner at a restaurant right off the town square. It was a great meal and a phenomenal way for everybody to end their day together. To Jet Lag, falling asleep standing up at baggage claim was definitely an all time low for myself, but I’m glad we were able to put our differences aside to allow me to enjoy my first day in the beautiful Country of Slovenia.