Border Patrol, Bribery, and Croatian Jail

Throughout my recent years of travel, it has become an inside joke in my family that I am always the one who gets randomly searched or stopped going through customs or border checks. Coming onto this trip, I felt it was necessary to inform the group I was traveling with of this problem for when we did go to another country, they would be aware that they would most likely have to wait for me.

With this background, we will now fast forward to my trip to Croatia for a lovely morning round of golf. To get across the border, 5 guys and I all took a quick taxi in order to get to the golf course. When we pulled up to the border check we all handed our passports to the cab driver and waited for the border patrol guy to approve our documentation and let us through. After thorough examination of our passports, it seemed as if one was giving him trouble. All the sudden, he slams a passport against the window demanding, “WHO IS THIS?” Remembering the story that I told them earlier, my friends saw that the passport against the glass was me and began to laugh which just made the situation even worse. After finally acknowledging that the person he was looking for was myself, the man began to question me as to why there was 5 euro in-between the pages of my passport. It appears that when I wan in Venice I accidentally had put a 5 euro in my pocket with my passport and the two must have accidentally come together. Whether or not border patrol was mad because of the “bribe” attempt or in disgust that I thought 5 euro would get me anywhere is still yet to be decided. Moral of the story, however, is always check your passport before heading through border patrol because there’s nothing that’ll get your heart going like a Croatian border patrol worker who becomes visually upset and is looking for you.