How 6 College Kids Pulled Off the Greatest 15 Hour Stretch of All Time

IMG_0246.jpgSunday was a free day for us students in the city of Piran.  For this day, 5 guys and I all decided that we would spare no expense and go all out for the day. Starting the day at 6:45 in the morning we woke up, got breakfast and called a cab that took us across the border to go play golf on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia. After arriving, we were immediately blown away by the scenery of the course and everything that it had to offer for us. I knew that this day was going to be special when we hit the first tee box and had to hit our first shot over one of the many wine vineyards scattered throughout and around the course.


After golfing, we came back to Slovenia where we met a local who ran a boat rental shop. Here we agreed to rent a boat to take out into the Adriatic Sea where we were able to cruise around and take in different sceneries and coastlines throughout the Slovenian shoreline. After a couple hours of cruising and swimming in the Adriatic Sea, we came back to dry land and decided to watch the sunset over an Italian mountain range that was faintly visible across the sea. IMG_0253.jpg

Finally after the sunset, the 6 of us came up on a little hole in the wall restaurant that served calamari three ways, all of which would take home any prize across the world. Dinner was followed with a leisurelyIMG_0287.jpg walk home along the coastline which helped complete what has come to be known as, “The greatest day of my life”.