United Airlines, Airport Sleepovers, and Steve Feiden

There’s no better welcoming to remind you that you’re back in America than United Airlines. After our 5 pm flight was delayed 20 minutes at a time for 4 hours and ultimately canceled, we were welcomed with complimentary bottles of water for our overnight stay at the DC airport. The one saving grace to this unfortunate turnout was a single United customer service employee who decided to help out our group of students traveling back. This employee was the one and only Steve Feiden. Despite my complete lack of trust for this man, after 30 minutes of him cranking away on his computer and not having to wait in any lines, Steve came back and had every single one of us rebooked an another flight for the morning. Some, like myself, got luckier than others with a direct flight home, and other were a little less fortunate with another full day of travel ahead of them.

The saying goes that you never know what you have until it’s gone. Never has this saying rang more true to me than last night lying on the floor of the Washington DC airport. There was no waking up to a sunrise over a beautiful city, but rather it was someone vacuuming the floor directly next to your head. Instead of the warm hospitable people of Slovenia that were always welcome to have a conversation with you, you were surrounded by airline personnel who are battling between hating their job or the people they have to deal with more. There was no three course meal for dinner followed by an hour long conversation, but rather a bag of chips at a store where I had to beg the person closing to let me make a purchase.

Slovenia, you were amazing. You left me with more memories and great friends than I ever could have imagined. You blew my expectations out of the water and I cannot stress enough the need for anyone and everyone to see this place. As I finish this last blog of the trip, I realize that I only have one thing left to do…. convince my mom to come and see this place. See you soon Slovenia.