Departure from Slovenia

Slovenia is an amazing country, and I am very fortunate to have been granted the opportunity to witness it firsthand. Slovenia has only been my second country to travel to outside the United States and the first trans-oceanic country I’ve traveled to, and after this experience it will be very hard to beat. This trip has created great friendships, invaluable insight into Slovene companies, and a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything else. I’m sad to leave this peaceful and majestic country, and I’m hoping to have the opportunity to return sometime in the future! Until then, I have great memories to take with me back to the United States.

Hvala Slovenia!


Slovenia: Last day (Bled)

Today was a day full of lasts and great adventures, which made it bittersweet. It was the last two visits, with the ski company Elan in the morning, and the Business School at the University of Bled in the afternoon.

Even though the company visits were great today, my favorite part of the day was the trip to Lake Bled, and in particular, the view of Lake Bled from the castle. Seeing the crystal clear lake with shimmering blue water laid out hundreds of feet below me reminded me why Slovenia is often known as a “hidden gem”. The crowds were relatively thin, and the views of the lake and surrounding mountainous landscape was incredible. It was a view that I am extremely glad to have gotten the opportunity to witness. Slovenia is an amazing place, and I’m sad that I’ll have to finally leave it tomorrow.



Slovenia: Day 7 (Ljubljana)

Today marked the last time I would see the Adriatic coastline, since it was also the day we left Piran and Portorož. After we left the coastline, we traveled to Pipistrel to learn about their manufacturing of ultralight aircraft. We then traveled to ABC accelerator, and to a presentation by a US embassy representative.

As an Aerospace engineer, Pipistrel was an exceptional visit for me. It inspired me to see how a company could make ultralight aircraft with virtually zero emissions, and be so successful. Seeing the sleek ultralight craft take off with the Slovenian Alps as a backdrop reaffirmed my desire to pursue Aerospace engineering. Even though we had to leave the beautiful coastline, it was still a great day, and I can’t wait for another great day tomorrow!



Slovenia: Day 6 (Piran)

Today was the day in which the leaders gave us as a free day, to explore however we see fit. To me, this looked like a bike ride over to Croatia, my first tennis match on clay courts, and the chance to watch an amazing sunset and eat some amazing food.

The entire day was a great experience; however, the part that hit me the hardest was watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea. Watching the sun set over the sea reminded me to enjoy every moment, because just like the sunset, no moment lasts forever. That sunset was the closing of another chapter in my Slovenian experience, as it was our last day in Piran. However, a new day approaches tomorrow filled with more opportunities to enjoy all that Slovenia has to offer. Piran was an incredible part of the trip, but I still can’t wait to get back to Ljubljana.



Slovenia: Day 5 (Venice)

Today was the day of the trip to Venice, and got started early in the morning. We embarked on a high speed boat across the Adriatic to reach Venice. Unfortunately, it was raining for a part of the Venice trip; however, that didn’t take away from the city’s beauty.

In Venice, I visited several famous location including the Grand Canal, St. Mark’s Basilica, and the Rialto Bridge. Along with these locations, I got to further dive into the Venetian experience through visiting several shops, and eating at a great seafood restaurant. The trip to Venice also made Italy the 3rd country outside the US I have visited in my life. Today was a unique opportunity to expand my global awareness through immersing in yet another culture.


Slovenia: Day 4 (Piran)

We got off to a restful start, since the time we met got pushed back to the ripe hour of 8am. The day consisted of a company visit to Hidria, and travel to the coastal city of Piran and Portorož.

Piran is an amazing place to visit filled with great food, majestic views, and a crisp sea breeze. We hiked up to a church at the top of the city’s hill for a great view over the bay, and the ability to see Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy from one vantage point. The amazing views were accompanied with just as great sunset views from the top of some of the hills of Piran. Along with the views, we were able to relax at the hotel’s sea water spa for a couple hours. Overall, it was a refreshing day at the coast, and I can’t wait for another great day tomorrow in Venice!



Slovenia: Day 3 (Ljubljana)

This day got off to a great start with a quick trip to the city market to grab some fresh strawberries. These strawberries were accompanied with a warm, fresh cherry pastry from a local bakery, which together made for a great breakfast.

After breakfast, we began our company visits for the day with a trip to Litostroj Power to observe the manufacturing of a hydroelectric turbine. This visit was followed by a trip to the KULT school for lunch, to taste what the students there prepared. After this, we went to Ernst and Young to learn about their accounting operations. Finally, we visited the American Chamber of Commerce to learn about their operations and the programs they’re planning to run.

This day concluded with a nice pizza dinner, and a visit to a Spanish band playing in the center of Ljubljana. Overall, it was another great day in Slovenia!