It’s Been Fun Slovenia

Siting in my hotel room about to go to bed writing my last blog post is bitter sweet. Tonight at dinner we went around giving toasts and everyone gave the same one. Everyone not only thanked our fearless leaders, but also recognized every group member. The people on this trip were truly amazing. Each person I feel like I had a actual conversation with and got to know a little bit more than the day before. Many people said that they could walk up to anyone and be able to talk to them, which is very true. I have loved getting to know every single person that came.

Not only were the people amazing but Slovenia never ceased to impress me every day. All of the companies that we visited were outstanding and I will member them for a long time after we leave. The companies were very generous in the snacks that they offered, but the people that talked to us seemed to be more often than not a big wig in the company. Not only was each day of tours phenomenal but the scenery was amazing. Slovenia is a beautiful country and one of the ways that they keep it this way is by keeping it very clean and eco friendly.

The last thing that was absolutely outstanding from this trip was the food. Although I am not a person with a large pallet, I found myself trying almost everything and enjoying most. While we were here we had some of the most extraordinary meals I have ever had in my life and they were joined with amazing company.

I can honestly say that I will be back because Slovenia has stolen my heart.


Lake Bled

This was one of the most fun days we have had yet. Maybe it is because it was the last day, but I really enjoyed the two tours we went on as well as the free time and the trip to the castle and the island. Beginning the day off with Elan was amazing because it was truly fascinating to see that they do almost all of the work by hand. This had to have been one of my top tours of the trip. It was an awesome way to end. Later in the day we went to a “Glamping” site which means glamorous camping. Being from Colorado I had never heard of this but it was beautiful and surrounded by the beautiful forest. I loved everything about it!

We finished the day by traveling to Lake Bled. It was interesting to hear about the family tradition of the men who row the boat as well as to hear about the lake more. Being on the island was worth the climb up the 99 stairs. The only thing that I wish was that we could have spent more time in Bled. It has 4,000 residents but 8,000 beds for tourists. This means that there is a fair share of tourists and I would have loved to stay longer and explored more. It was another amazing day and sad to be the last one.

Wish My Brother Was Here

My whole life my brother has been obsessed with airplanes. He decided to get his pilots license when he was 19. This was so nice because we could rent airplanes with our family and fly places so much faster than driving. Going to Pipistrel was fun for me because I understood a lot of the technical things due to my brother. I took a lot of pictures and am excited to talk to him about it when I get home.

The other company that we visited was ABC Accelerator. This company helps starters get on their feet and hopefully will be successful. This was a fun company visit and one of the kids in the Business Leadership Program gave a pitch for a company that he started and it was outstanding. Another good day here in Slovenia!



Glad I Picked Chemical Engineering

Walking through the Krka just reaffirmed why I chose Chemical Engineering. It is reassuring when there a certain times where it hits that your path is the right one. Krka is a manufacturer of medicines. It was so intriguing to walk around their facilities, whose were the best ones that we toured, and watch how everything is made. This was the most impressive place we visited I thought because everything was so high tech, there were even motorized vehicles driving themselves. Altogether this was my favorite and most impressive company that we visited. Seeing how everything worked made me possibly think about specifically going into medicine.

We ended the day with lunch in a castle. If this is not classy then I don’t know what is. Although the food was very fancy, it was the best presentation and a great way to end a fantastic day. We then went to the best pizza in Slovenia I think and had good conversations over good food with good company.


Free Day in Piran

Starting off the day with Bailey slipping on Moss had to be the highlight of the trip. Although we had to go back to the hotel once we were almost to Piran it was worth the extra bonding time. Once we made it Piran we sat down for a very relaxing meal and enjoyed our pasta by the shores. This is so surreal to see the beautiful water right by where you are enjoying a nice meal. After enjoying a nice walk back to Piran we had the best Gelato I have had yet at a place called Cacao. This was followed by a relaxing time at the pool and then a nice hike up to the wall in Piran. We went there to watch the sunset, and even though we did not see it the view was still breath taking, The walk was hard but worth it in the end. Our time has come to an end in Piran and even though it is really sad I am excited to go back to Ljubljana and tour more companies.

Trip to Venice

Most kids grow up hearing about beautiful places to visit and one of them is Venice. I had never been to Venice and I can honestly say that it was gorgeous and more beautiful than people had described it. The first time walking into St. Marks square was an unreal moment for me and I know that others felt the dame way. Spending the whole day wondering around was a different thing than we do in America. Although I was terrified about finding my way back to our meeting spot, I knew that I would find my way back eventually. Also the pizza in Venice had to be my favorite pizza that I have had the entire time. This day was a remarkable day and would have had to be one of the best even though there was a 2.5 hour boat ride.

Windy Road to a Beautiful City

Starting off the day on a windy road to Idrija had to have been a crazy way to start most of our days. Despite many people feeling motion sick, everyone was so enthusiastic at Hirdia. It also made people realize how extremely blessed they were to not have to drive the road daily just to go to work. It really made people appreciate the commute from Lawrence to Kansas City or wherever jobs or school may be take them.

After the wonderful tour of Hidria, we went on a few more hour bus ride to a beautiful place called Portorož in Piran. This is a city in Slovenia that standing at the right point, Croatia and Italy can both be seen. This is very unique and makes Slovenia that much more special. We ended our day in a magical place off of the dock having a good time and talking. This day was so phenomenal and I would highly recommend Piran in Slovenia as a destination.