Goodbye Slovenia!

Today was our last day in Slovenia. We visited the beautiful city of Bled for our final few moments of fun. Bled castle was amazing, and I personally really enjoyed the demonstration of old-fashioned printing in the printing shop within the castle. Then, we took a “pletna” boat ride to visit the church on Bled island, which you can see in the picture. I rang the bell inside the church 3 times for good luck! I have had a fabulous time in Slovenia and I hope to return someday. 



I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged about Vigo yet! I have had TONS of gelato since I have been in Slovenia, but this place is definitely my favorite. The texture of gelato is different from typical American ice cream that you would get at the store or even in an ice cream shop. It’s creamier and thicker, and so delicious! Vigo is my favorite gelato place because they put a chocolate drizzle and a wafer on top of every cup of gelato for free. You can even choose between white chocolate drizzle and milk chocolate drizzle to better suit your gelato flavors. I will definitely miss this luxury when I leave!

Slovenian Cuisine

Today I had my first truly “Slovenian” food. We went to a restaurant downtown named Druga Violina, and to be honest I picked it solely based on the cool name. This is a picture of the menu. They had a wide variety of regional dishes, but I decided on a dish with heavy Germanic influence; potatoes with sausage. Verdict: it was the best sausage and potatoes ever!

Crossing to Croatia

Since today was our day off from planned tours and activities, we decided that it would be great to have a nice bike ride across the Slovenia-Croatia border. So we walked to a bike rental place, paid to rent some bikes all day, then hopped on and pedaled away! I have not gotten that much exercise in a LONG time. We didn’t make it to a beach in Croatia, but we did see some beautiful green scenery on our ride. When we returned to Slovenia, we were all ready for some sweet, soft gelato. In the evening, I tried some fried calamari from a small walk-up window in Piran. It was the best Calamari I have ever had. What a great way to end the day!

A Day in Venice!

It may have been sprinkling, but nothing could rain on my parade today! It was a lovely treat to visit the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi, and the home of some great pizza. The first place that I visited was Saint Mark’s Basilica. I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures inside, but they would not have done it justice anyway. Unfortunately, due to restorations commanded by the Doge in the 19th century, only about a third of the mosaics on the ceilings are original. However, the Italo-Byzantine architecture was absolutely stunning. I also visited the Rialto Bridge, the most famous bridge across the Grand Canal. It is the oldest bridge across the canal, completed in 1591. I would also like to give honorable mention to the cannoli that I ate, because although it was not an architectural wonder, it definitely contributed to my wonderful Venetian experience. 

A Taste of Piran

So excited to have visited the lovely city of Piran, birthplace of Giuseppe Tartini. This monument was placed in 1896 to commemorate the violinist and composer. Tartini is best known for his Violin Sonata in G Minor, widely referred to as the “Devil’s Trill Sonata.” Here is a link so that you can hear why

Company Visits

Today we visited a water turbine company called Litostroj. It was amazing to see all of the huge parts up close. They were much larger in person than I had ever imagined them to be. We even got to wear stylish hats! We also had a beautiful four course meal at the school of hospitality and tourism here in Ljubljana.