Day 10/11: Leaving Slovenia and Life stuck in an airport

Wow what a tough trip back home. We were suppose to only spend about 13 hours traveling back home, but we ended up taking 46. This was due to one flight being completely cancelled and the other one having leaky oil. So having to sleep an evening in the Dulles airport was a terrible and frightening ordeal. Hope I never have to experience that again…

Anyways, back to the main topic at hand. The Slovenia trip was the epic highlight of it all. I got to meet some amazing BLP people, got to witness several companies that were making innovative and creative changes, and see a whole new country and experience its culture and beauty. Overall I have no regrets for this trip.

My favorite business has got to be Pipistrel, for their amazing vision and ideas that transpired into global award winning planes and contracts with major countries.

My favorite experience has to be when we were watching the sunset in Piran. We got to see the orange beams of light glitter across the ocean and the picturesque building slowly darkening as it fades to darkness. Honestly, what a view.

My favorite (new) person has to be Emma, honestly I got to see a side of her that I haven’t seen before, her positive energy really makes any place exciting.

Worst Experience? Waiting for an airplane with a 14 hour “layover”


Thanks Everyone,

~Harrison Luo


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