See you later Slovenia!

After a tedious day and a half of traveling I’m finally back at home! I’m sad the trip is over, but super thankful for the experiences and friendships I’m returning to KU with. These 10 days have been some of the longest and most tiring days in my life, but also the most fun and impactful. I’ve learned a lot about future career opportunities and the fields I might be interested in from the company visits. I formed stronger relationships with the SELF fellows and made new ones with the BLP students who shared this experience with me. The best part is I had all of these experiences while exploring a beautiful country that I never would have found if not for this program! I’m very grateful to John, Amanda, and Petra for organizing this trip for us. Also, I want to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to have this experience. I am extremely interested in traveling internationally more now! I’m a little doubtful however that other destinations will meet my expectations after Slovenia set the bar so high. I will for sure be coming back to Slovenia in the future! So for now it’s see you later Slovenia, not goodbye!



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