Goodbye Slovenia: A Sad Farewell

As the group made our way home, we ran into some serious travel troubles. It was all going smoothly up until we arrived to D.C. At this point, we ran into series of challenges ranging from delayed flights, to bad weather to cancelled flights, to airplane maintenance issues, to even spending the night on the floor of an airport.

While these experiences were not at all positive, it did give me an ample amount of time to reflect on the trip and realize what a life-changing experience I had just encountered.

While I had taken vacations before, this was the first trip that I had gone on that was centered around a learning experience. Instead of staying in some kind of resort, I was interacting with locals and gaining cultural and global diversity. It was definitely a shock at first, but I came to appreciate all of the different perspectives that the people around me had.

The other highlight from the trip was the connection that was developed within the group. I came into the trip with a few very close friends and was expecting to spend most of my time with them. However, the new environment naturally forced everyone to interact with each other and the impossible happened. BLP students and SELF engineers actually became incredible friends. If this isn’t proof of the magic powers of Slovenia, then I don’t know what is.

Overall, leaving this country was a very sad goodbye. It was rough having the highlight of my summer at the very beginning because I know it will all be downhill from here. However, I will think back during the summer and the rest of my life to all of the memories and friendships made in my new favorite foreign country.


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