Day Trip to Bled

Yesterday on our last day in Slovenia, we visited two places. Our first visit was to the ski manufacturing company Elan. I thought this was super interesting because on the trip we got to go tour their factories where they produce all the products. Because there are so many different models, sizes, and colors of skis, there was a lot going on. Usually during factory tours they are very strict about where you can and can’t walk. Normally this is far from where the work is being done but we got to get up close and touch some of the skis mid-production. 

Our next visit was to the Bled School of Management. This was cool for me as a member of the Business Leadership Program because a lot of the things that they are teaching the older professional enrolled in their school are the same as what we are being taught. Dr. Hedeman actually got one of our assignments that we had this year from this visit last year. 

We also spent the day touring the Bled Castle and the clock tower and church on the middle of the island on Lake Bled. The only way to get there is by a special kind of boat that only certain families have been allowed to operating since the late 1700s.

Overall this was a great last day in Slovenia but I’m ready to be home!


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