Why Slovenia Part 2—Final Day

I started my blog entries with a bit of history that explains the events that inspired our program in Slovenia.  At our farewell dinner last night, the question of why Slovenia was resoundingly answered by the 23 business and engineering students.  A tradition of the SELF/BLP international program is a farewell dinner at which each student makes a toast to the group at the end of our meal.  Several themes emerged in the toasts last night.  One, a successful integration of the business and engineering students that will likely result in lifelong friendships.  Two, an appreciation of the services provided by our tour company, Luxury Slovenia, and our world’s best guide, Petra Lubej.  Three, a genuine “love” of Slovenia, a country that was completely unknown to them before our 10 days here.  Finally, a pride in being “Ready for Business” at each step of the journey in the only country with LOVE in its name, sLOVEnia!

Our final company visit, Elan–famous makers of skis.  The flag of Slovenia at the Bled Castle.  Amanda Hornick in love with Slovenia.


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