Saying goodbye to Slovenia


The squad

Last night, at the end of our final meal together as a group, it is tradition that each member of the group gives a toast that sums up the student’s thoughts. Each student that went on the trip had a different reason to go, but most of the toasts revolved around the friends that we had made along the way through Slovenia and Italy these last few days.

I had a toast all planned out for the dinner, but when it came down to the moment I ventured off script and just said the first things that came to mind.

For me, this trip was the perfect way to say goodbye to my close friends from KU and to get my feet wet for the big trip starting in September. If I hadn’t of gone on this trip, I would never have known the social norms here, such as paying for water and bathrooms. The cultural differences were truly shocking, and while I am certain they are much less severe in western Europe, coming back to the states was a relief in some ways.

As I sit in the airport waiting for the delayed flight back to Kansas City to appear, and I think back on my experience abroad, I am incredibly happy to have had great people in my life. This trip would have been nothing if not for the people that made it so great; I even loved our tour guide!

I hope I will never forget the places we have seen, or the friendships and mistakes we have made while being here. We lived to our fullest extent here, and looking back on the trip there are very few things that happened that I regret.

-Rex Templin


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