Goodbye Slovenia

The past week and a half has been the experience of a life time. I am still continuing my travels in Italy for a few more days but I think my expectations might be set a little high after Slovenia. From Slovenia I have walked away with fantastic new friends from BLP which I honestly did not expect to happen. Furthermore, I feel much closer to some of my fellow SELF fellows. I had not realized that I had talked to some of them but had never really “talked” to some of them. I learned a lot about some of them and I have walked away with much better friends then I came in with. Lastly, Slovenia is such an amazing and in ways, inspiring country. Even with its tiny size, Slovenians have deep pride for their country and with their eco friendly policies they work to preserve it. Slovenes are some of the kindest people I have ever met and are always intrigued to learn why in the world American college students would choose Slovenia as there destination over the big names of Europe.
I’m excited to move on with these new experiences added to my belt, but I will miss the people, the food, the culture, and the beautiful sights.


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