A Dream Come True

Before I even knew about this study abroad program, I had seen pictures of Lake Bled. I always told myself I would go there and I was so excited when I learned I would get the opportunity through the program. 

It truly is a place that does not feel real. It is situated in the Julian mountains, with a view of Slovenia’s most iconic mountain formation: Triglav. It also has the most beautiful blue water lined with trees and old buildings. Bled Castle is situated on top of a rock formation along one side of the lake, and it gives a spectacular view of the island and the lake.

Then, we got to see Tito’s Palace on our way to get on our boat ride. The drivers of these boats can only come from the Pletna family lineage, which makes them so special. We were taken to the island to visit the church, wishing bell, and clock tower. The entire experience was completely surreal.

And that was not the first time I had this feeling in the past ten days. So many times during the week, I would turn to the person next to me and say, “Is this real?” We had so many unique experiences in Slovenia that not everybody gets when they visit, from meeting with top companies to dining in the finest restaurants. While I will never know everything about Slovenia, I learned so much and I am looking forward to convincing all my peers to visit as well.

Meredith Rivas


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