Headed Home

I am currently sitting in the airport in Zurich. Our flight from Ljubljana was short and easy. The late nights and early mornings of the past week are settling in. Despite the clear exhaustion, I am sitting here looking back on the incredible past 10 days.

This was my first international trip. I didn’t come into it with many expectations, but the whole experience exceeded my wildest dreams. I have always been so eager to experience other parts of the world and I can wholeheartedly say that this trip has sparked a desire to travel and learn more. In just 10 short days I was able to travel to 4 cities, try new food, visit with local and global companies, site see and most importantly spend time with an amazing group of individuals.

I will always cherish the friendships that I formed and the ones that I strengthened. There is nothing better than traveling the world with your best friends and I hope to continue to do this in the future. I am so grateful to everyone who helped me make this opportunity happen. John told us that we would come home changed people. I completely believe that I have changed and I am excited to see how I will utilize the lessons I have learned on this trip when I return home.

Koree Case


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