Slovenia in Summary

I just want to start by saying that these have been the best consecutive 10 days of my life. 
No matter how much I try, I can’t wrap my mind around how the stars had to perfectly align for us all to be here. John always tells companies about how we got here, because KU has the only complete Slovene program and the ambassador visited the business school, but it is really crazy to think about. Kansas is small and Slovenia is apparently “right-sized,” so for the two to connect in this way is awesome. Plus, I came to KU and somehow got into SELF… I feel so lucky. I love Slovenia and know I will come back. 

One of my favorite things to do was noticing the small differences between the US and Slovenia: they don’t cut your pizza for you in Slovenia and sometimes you have to pay for water, but tax is always included in the prices. Toilets have two buttons and the cars here are way cuter & smaller. Paper euros are different sizes and colors and having euro coins in your wallet isn’t annoying like having American ones because they’re actually worth something.

Before this trip, I didn’t know John at all and while Amanda was my mentor, I don’t think I knew her well enough. John is one of the most eloquent, hilarious, and well-traveled people I’ve ever met. I got to know Amanda a lot better and I feel like this trip has definitely strengthened our relationship, which I’m extremely happy about.Freshman year, I was always a little annoyed that SELF and BLP were so connected. We are very different people and I have absolutely no interest in business. While business still bores me, this trip has showed me how important it is and especially that the BLPs are better than I ever imagined. I’ve made some BLP friendships that I hope last much longer than these 10 days and even gotten to know some SELF Fellows way better.In conclusion, I’ve learned about culture, business & engineering, and people in general, so this trip exceeded all expectations. As I head to Italy for a short week before I head back to Kansas to start my full-time internship, I believe this trip has sparked a passion for travel I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Always ready for business,

Sydney Gard


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