It’s Been Fun Slovenia

Siting in my hotel room about to go to bed writing my last blog post is bitter sweet. Tonight at dinner we went around giving toasts and everyone gave the same one. Everyone not only thanked our fearless leaders, but also recognized every group member. The people on this trip were truly amazing. Each person I feel like I had a actual conversation with and got to know a little bit more than the day before. Many people said that they could walk up to anyone and be able to talk to them, which is very true. I have loved getting to know every single person that came.

Not only were the people amazing but Slovenia never ceased to impress me every day. All of the companies that we visited were outstanding and I will member them for a long time after we leave. The companies were very generous in the snacks that they offered, but the people that talked to us seemed to be more often than not a big wig in the company. Not only was each day of tours phenomenal but the scenery was amazing. Slovenia is a beautiful country and one of the ways that they keep it this way is by keeping it very clean and eco friendly.

The last thing that was absolutely outstanding from this trip was the food. Although I am not a person with a large pallet, I found myself trying almost everything and enjoying most. While we were here we had some of the most extraordinary meals I have ever had in my life and they were joined with amazing company.

I can honestly say that I will be back because Slovenia has stolen my heart.


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