Havala Slovenia

Havala is the Slovene word for thank-you. I have a lot to be thankful for at the conclusion of my study abroad program. I could be thankful for the tangible things I’ve acquired here like amazing gelato or my new Slovenian patch, but it’s truly much more than that.

When I looked back on my trip as a whole, it’s hard to pick one main takeaway because I have learned and experienced so much. Some of the initial thoughts that came to my mind were the raised awareness I had for global events and perspectives, knowledge on how to navigate a foreign country, an appreciation for the many people who take time to learn English, hospitality of locals and businesses, and the experience of a lifetime.

This trip to Slovenia reinforced and strengthened my passion for the environment. I hope to be more involved with sustainable practices and organizations when I return and bring that with me to my future career. I also was reassured that I am in the right major, the business-focused visits were extremely interesting to me and got me excited for the world of business in the future.

I will tell my stories of studying abroad to anyone who is willing to listen. I have had a blast in the insanely beautiful Slovenia and would not trade my experience for the world. I have a lot of people to thank including my parents, teachers, companies, the office of study abroad, and every single person who helped me get here today. I would recommend a program like this to everyone as well as the fantastic Slovenia.


Miranda Roberts


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